Mission Statement

Since 1908, the 91st has been supporting Athletics in Ontario, Canada and around the world.


The Mission of the 91st Highlanders’ Athletic Association is to promote athletics in Hamilton and the surrounding areas emphasizing youth development.

The Hamilton Indoor Games

The Hamilton Indoor games, is the oldest running track and field meet in North America, and dates back to 1908 when the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise’s) founded the first meet.  The Games quickly achieved international status and in 1925 featured Finland’s legendary Paavo Nurmi. The meet has been held annually ever since (except during war years and recently the global COVID-19 pandemic) and has featured elementary school, high school and university as well as Canadian and International Athletes.  


In 1986 the Games moved from the James St. Armouries to the fabulous Copps Coliseum and was a feature event in the Mobil International Indoor Track and Field Grand prix. Hamilton was part of the International circuit, which included 13 countries.


The 1991 Hamilton Spectator Indoor Games attracted over 400 media representatives from around the world. A record 17,052 spectators and 3,9million viewers watched the event on CTV.


The 1992 Games were televised on TSN, some 1300 elementary students, 1400 high school, 10 universities teams and international athletes from 20 countries participated. These athletes were the up-and-coming athletes of the time and served on future Canadian Olympic teams. The legacy of the Hamilton Spectator Indoor Games is long standing and will continue to serve the community and world with dedication and pride.


First Ontario Centre, is the home of the current games. The organizers are excited to continue the legacy of the games and create positive lasting memories.